MM 10/7/15 – The Beatles Receive their MBE’s – Beatlemania scenes!

Pictures of John, Paul, George and Ringo as they show their MBE’s to the public, after the presentation by Her Majesty the Queen.

GV Buckingham Palace with crowds waiting outside. MS Beatle fans waiting for arrival of Beatles. MCU girl wearing hat with model of one of The Beatles on it. MS Beatle fans waiting. CU policeman holding back fans. CU ditto. MS ditto. MLS pan Beatles’ car arriving and fans rush as Palace gates are shut. MS crowds. MS police moving fans away from gates. MCU fan in crowd. BS fans standing against railings as Beatles come out of Palace building. MLS Beatles in Palace courtyard. MCU pan Beatles holding their medals. MLS fan climbing up Palace railings. MS ditto. MS fans outside Palace. MS Beatles holding medals. MCU Beatles talking to press. CU MBE medal. LS fan on top of Palace gates. MCU fans outside palace. LS girl climbing down from top of gates. MLS ditto. MS pan girl being taken away by policeman. MS policeman clearing fans from outside gateway. MS ditto. MS policemen holding back fans. LS pan Beatles’ car leaving Palace. MS policeman’s helmet being held up in air. GV fans running after Beatles’ car.

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