“The Beatles” Guitar Collection

Alright everyone, here we are with an amazing guitar collection to share with you all! Recently Trevor, Tyler, and our media producer Ken, went down to Palm Springs to document this collection and put it into a format that we can share with you all!

This is one of the most intentional collections one could imagine, and to be in the room is incredibly special – the owner spent 20 years searching and acquiring these instruments, and each one is a reference to the instruments that were important to The Beatle’s career. Ranging from early John and Paul’s early Gallatone and Zenith models, to George’s famous “Lucy” Les Paul and Rosewood Tele!

This is a right-handed collection, so instruments reflecting those used by Paul are *not* left-handed.

That said, we had a blast going through this collection, and invite you to enjoy it with us!

We are facilitating the sale of this collection for the owner, so please call us if you have any questions at (206) 382-0231!

Music (All used with express permission from the artists):

Supermother “You Won’t Go” (Instrumental)

The Hollers “Zeb” (Instrumental)

Timothy Robert Graham “I Won’t Let Go” (Instrumental)

The Hollers “You Don’t Have to Waste Your Time” (Instrumental)

The Hollers “Great Recluse” (Instrumental)

Any and all historic photos of The Beatles or other artists used within this video are purely for reference in describing the related instruments within the collection, and these images belong to the photographers who took them.

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